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Final Project

June 8, 2010


Quiz #2

June 3, 2010

1). Web sized image PPI should be 72. Image size should be 8 by 10 inches or for example 1000 by 800 pixels. It also should not exceed 1 Megabite.

Print Size image should always be 8 by 10, because that’s how we print it. PPI should be 300.

2).Apperture, shutter speed and the ISO. You can control these three elements in order to get the result that you’re looking for. Apperture is measured in f stops. It controls how much the camera lens opens up. It control the light passage. The smaller the apperture, the more light gets in. Shutter speed is how fastly the lens closes and opens up. If you’re taking picture o a moving object, you want your shutter to be fast. ISO is the sensitivity of your camera.

3). As a result of this class I started looking absolutely differently at my photos. Now I know that it’s important to know your camera and it’s settings in order to take good pictures. Now when I look at the picture , it immediately starts bothering me if the picture is not balanced. I also learned a lot about the photoshop and picture editing. I used to be very unorganized with my pictures, but learning the proper work flow helped me to get rid of this habbit.