Blog 1 This image have strong forms that are five kids. The space is very dense, since the picture have many objects. The faded image of the two girls in the back crates some  extra space. The arm of the middle girls creates  line that the eye follows. This image is divided into two parts by the legs, which creates two different spaces. The part on the right has a weaker value of grey,and the part left to the legs has a stronger value of grey which creates a distance in the picture. The rails have strong,strict lines, that contrast with the the main form,legs,that don’t have a defined shape. This image has a strong contrast, all space is white and the objects are dark. The first thing we notice in the picture is the form, a jumping boy. The picture has a line, the cord, which divides the picture into two and creates two spaces,  wider space on top, and more dense on the bottom.


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